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This is a casual space for a collection of varied work that has been fun but not quite 'full project'.

I am always working on a handful of things at any given time and sometimes it is these smaller studies, experiments, and warm up pieces that really provide clarity or major breakthroughs for the larger pieces that I am working on. I find it's good to keep the 'art muscles' and technical problem solving skills in shape with varied works.

I enjoy seeing other artists' process work and studies so here I am sharing as well!

June '24


Heads! I always really enjoy working on heads- each head here was about a half day or so. These were speed sculpts focused on noodling around with different levels of stylization

Had way too much fun making this character- I will likely develop her further. Experimenting with stylized proportions, hair and materials

Misc '24

playing in Unreal, developing materials, messing with cinematics


Varied doodles from the past few years. More to be added as they are excavated and unearthed

Truly Ancient Archive

Ancient things lost in time and space. More to be added as they are excavated and unearthed from deep below the earth's surface.