Toy Soldiers 3 Buildings and Vehicles Archive | 2015



Toy Soldiers 3: Warchest is a tower defense/action game that released on PC and console. Themed factions make up enemies as well as playable characters which included 4 original IP armies as well as Assassin's Creed, GI Joe, Cobra, and Masters of the Universe (He-man). In addition to the theming unique to each army, all assets were also made to look like toys to fit the art style. Collaboration and sign offs with Ubisoft as well as Mattel for Assassin's Creed and 80's Mattel's toys for GI Joe and Masters of the Universe. During my time at Signal studios I worked on character, creature, environment, prop, as well as destructibles work for Warchest.Some sample text

Base Toybox building for Ghost Company. This was a fun one to design- direction given was ‘sci-fi Taj Mahal’ kind of bulding! It was fun to make something that had some different materials instead of the solid plastic toy look. Side pistons moved in and out with steam and electrical fx. Shot in engine.

Hiss Tank made for the Cobra army based on the 80's Mattel toy zbrush sculpt.

Hiss Tank made for the Cobra army based on the plastic '80s Mattel toy. Shot in engine.

GI Joe weapons based of 80's Mattel plastic toys

Base Toybox building for Assassin’s Creed. Shot in engine.