Roller Beetle Mount


Roller Beetle Mount


Guild Wars 2


Creature Artist


Early 2018

Roller Beetle mount for Guild Wars 2. I was responsible for the model, design aspects, and collaborating with animation (Brian Walter) to figure out the best way for him to be built for how he needed to move. I ended up working on the Roller Beetle himself, and early bike designs. Pete Egbers finished the final bike design and dyemasks. Awesome original concept sculpt done by James Van Den Bogart.

(Check out Brian here! :

and Pete here!: )

In addition to coordinating with animation, a big focus for my work on the Roller Beetle was to make sure he was appealing and cute despite being an invertebrate creature. It was a fun challenge to strike that balance while simultaneously still connecting the design of the Roller Beetle in the original Guild Wars.

In game engine. Final beetle design, geometry and texture work I did. I was going for an iridescent beetle shell kind of feel. Stand – in WIP bike from one of my earlier bike designs.

Original concept sculpt I was given. Made by James Van Den Bogart.

The saddle had to be designed in a way that would work for all the in game player races. That includes quite a range!

Early bike primary shape sketches.