Nightfang Mount Skin




Guild Wars 2


Creature Artist



I had the pleasure of working on this asset as a griffon mount skin for Guild Wars 2. I had a lot of fun concepting all aspects of the design and coordinating with different disciplines to make the day and night transition for his face a reality. Original idea, concept, model, textures and bone constraint work for dangling parts done by me. In game effects done by Artem Sorokin.

During the day (in game) he has his ‘normal’ head and at night his face burns away to reveal just the skull.

Like all of our mount skins, this mount is 100% dyeable in game with four different color slot options. In his case: body, leather tack, metal accessories and eye/magical FX can each be dyed independently to suit the player’s choice.

Breakdown of different elements of the model:

Anatomy, day vs night face change (effects work not shown here), and tack elements

Mounts controlled by character in game and viewable from almost every angle

There was a lot to consider to make sure the topology and skinning properly supported the anatomy and accessory elements and could support movement both on land as well as in the air. (This gif was from my work testing deformations and topology performance. Material and effects work shown here were in progress and not final)

Day vs night in game menu

All parts of the model are dyeable ( in four separate areas, in this case: Body | Metal | Cloth/Leather | Eyes and effects ) to enable players to customize their look

The ‘You have been defeated icon’ is my favorite easter egg I put into the design. Most identifiable in the saddle and repeated in small details such as the ‘face danglies’ metal pieces

Some WIP zbrush process shots

Concept work for to figure out the look after the night transformation

Continued concept work for to figure out the look after the night transformation

Breakdown of different elements of the model

Thanks for checking out my work!